What claims to be the first ever Facebook training suite for businesses online has been launched by a leading online PR firm according to the irishtimes.com.

As more companies more away from more traditional means of advertising and towards social media marketing the firm believe it’s the future on online content.

Co-founder of the company, Niall Harbison, said: “Brands can no longer afford to spend €100,000 on lucrative television campaigns when they can get the same return for €10,000 through social media, which scales across the globe.”

Facebook has been dominating the marketing strategies of many companies according to the media with more than 650 million users globally so companies should be embracing the potential for advertising.

“Facebook is becoming as important as Google and everyone needs to market on it,” added Mr Harbison.

The course aims to give training to professionals in key advertising areas for the site and the company claim to have experts on-hand who can ‘answer every question’ related to Facebook marketing.

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