How often do you click on a link and find yourself faced with a 404 page? That is, a page not found error. And how does it make you feel? Probably not positive.

Now imagine how those who come to your site feel when a link is broken? These visitors are just one click away from the rest of the Net, remember, so you need to do all you can to make them feel postive.

(On that note, the absolute favourite 404 page has to be this one – WMD 404 -bear in mind when it was first launched….) – though there are many other 404 pages which also display imagination and humour if you look!)

Google have just added a heap of webmaster tools for 404 pages so that you can a) discover who is visiting your site on an aged or missing link b) find which website or seach engine has an outdated link for you and correct it c) find broken links within your own site.

And then use those tools to correct all of the above.

If you aren’t using Google Webmaster tools, you really should be now!

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