In PPC marketing there is always an onus placed on getting the most of out of PPC campaigns.

According to an article featured on, improving your keyword research is one of the most effective ways to increase the long-term effectiveness of PCC campaigns.

It is important to get a balance between keywords that will bring in a good level of traffic but without being so commonly sought that they’ll be too expensive to rank on.

A number of good sources to consult on good keywords include:

  • Free Web-based Keyword Tools – These will provide an insight into the level of opportunity for your specific niche. Some tools will produce more in-depth information about rates of traffic, on a monthly basis, and competitiveness.
  • Web Analytics – Consulting the keyword reports provided by an analytics tool will point you in the direction of those keywords that are ‘driving traffic to your site’.
  • Search Query Reports – Analysing search query reports will show you which search terms are actually triggering the appearance of your adverts – as well as the ones that aren’t.

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