Seth Godin has written an article about the changes in marketing over the last couple of decades. Interestingly, as he was a large, corporate advertiser in his past life, he talks about the impact of the internet, and in particular, the growth of social media on advertising thinking to bring it round full circle to the ‘personalised interaction’ of the old days.

He points out that the marketing industry can no longer get away with force feeding ads and marketing messages to the masses. The audience is far more savvy now than in the past, and will retaliate if it is felt that the marketing is just spam. This can backfire profoundly on a marketing campaign, and it is teaching marketing execs to think smaller, local, personal. To try viral, word of mouse, community building. As he puts it, to build a tribe and lead those people to somewhere they (and you) actually want to go.

This level of thinking by such a respected thinker bodes well for small or cautious companies who wish to be ‘organic’ in the growth of their brand or business. However, as some have found, you can still be too successful for your own good and the brightly burning flame can resemble magnesium – fast and furious, and then out!

However, anyone seeking to build a community around their products or services should read our previous articles and posts about building subscribers through your blog, using social media successfully, socialising, and Web 2.0 tools.

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