Problems with trademarks in PPC marketing are commonplace according to Lisa Raehsler, writing for ClickZ.

It can be the case that a company will find out that a rival’s PPC advert is being displayed when they search for their own copyrighted trademark or brand.

When this does happen, Raehsler points out that you shouldn’t panic – the problem is very solvable.

Presuming that you’re operating a trademarked brand, the big PPC ad platforms won’t allow the use of trademarks in PPC ad copy.

If your trademark is showing up in a competitor’s ad you should simply file a complaint.

Google, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn, for example, all have their own complaints systems and will investigate any such instances.

Forms for Google possess the ability for a complainant to specifically state which ads and advertisers are breaching copyright.

In social media PPC ads, Facebook will allow Intellectual Property or Copyright Infringement to be reported, while LinkedIn advises users to contact their customer service in the occurrence of this situation.

Taking these specific steps will ensure that you regain control over your brand as far as PPC marketing is concerned – both on social media outlets and search engines.

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