Increasing the potential for the sharing of adverts – and potential reach of PPC marketing campaigns – Google has announced the additions of its +1 feature to PPC Display Ads, according to an article published by Search Engine Watch.

Users will now be able to +1 their favourite adverts and sites; all of these +1’s for Display Ads will then appear on that particular ad – regardless of the website it features on.

This same feature displays those aforementioned +1’s on the advertiser’s website too. So this means that if two and half million users +1 your website, this figure will then be displayed on the Display Ad.

When logged into Google, users will also be able to see photographs of their contacts on Google+ that have a like a particular Display Ad.

Google have stated that the feature will begin to appear in the next couple of weeks.

They’ve also announced that the following types of adverts will be compatible with the feature: Image, Flash, GIF, Display Ad Builder adverts, DoubleClick Rich Media adverts and Select mobile inventory.

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