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Clever content marketing does the work for you.

Content marketing was born from the explosion in social media, where users share great content that’s relevant to their interests. Content marketing means putting people at the heart of your marketing efforts using great ideas and storytelling – whether through a humorous blog post on a current trend, a cutting-edge industry report or a viral video. Most importantly, it puts your brand directly in front of customers, and encourages them to inform others about your business.

  • Get in front of customers with clever content ideas
  • Optimise your content marketing for social and video searches
  • Access an in-house SEO content team of qualified journalists and writers
  • Get ideas, strategy and support from content marketing and SEO experts
  • Boost your social media marketing and find new fans
  • Create unique content that even your competitors will share
  • Support your branding and establish your site as an authority

Content marketing works on a simple principle: create something people find interesting, informative, entertaining or outrageous, and watch as it proliferates online.

It may be a funny video of staff doing a dance, industry-leading research into upcoming trends and changes in your sector, or a clever illustration showing how many bags of sugar the UK eats on average every second.

The more people see your great content, the more social shares and news pick-ups you’ll see. This creates a classic content cycle – where the more visibility you get, the more shares and mentions you get.

ClickThrough took the time to research and understand our industry. Very impressed.

Stephen McShane, ScottishPower

Content marketing helps build your brand, whilst boosting your social signals, sector authority, visitors and visibility. Let great content marketing do the work for you. Call now on 0800 088 7486.

Content marketing that everyone loves

From business blogs to in-depth infographics, retail research to viral videos, the Internet loves great content.

Bloggers, news journalists and industry sites love great content – it gives them something to write about.

People love great content – it gives them something to share with their friends.

Search engines love great content, too. Fresh, unique and relevant content gets favourable rankings – and that could mean your brand gets seen by more people.

Optimised content will get seen by the right people in the right places: and they’ll make sure others see it, too.

Create content that interests your fans or customers, makes them laugh, or makes them think, and they’ll share it with all their mates in an instant, thanks to social media and mobile devices.

Content marketing services from ClickThrough:

  • Infographics
  • In-app ads
  • Video optimisation
  • YouTube management
  • Social media optimisation
  • Online PR
  • Blog writing
  • Industry news feeds
  • Guest blogging

Content marketing is more than just industry buzz

Traditional marketing used to somewhat force the message: buy this, use these, try this!
It was difficult to make marketing look like anything other than advertising.

And whilst this hammerhead approach was effective, to some extent, consumers got savvier and began eschewing overt advertising – especially online, where, because of spammers, phishers, tricksters and hackers, blatant advertising can’t always be trusted.

Interruptive marketing models always required a big hook to draw people in.

And in most cases, marketing was about brand building, with somewhat washy methods for measuring success.
Online, the game has changed.

Content marketing is a supportive model. By creating something which adds value to customers, they will be more than happy to share. After all, if you’ve raised a smile, or even an eyebrow, your customers may want to share this joy with their friends.

Great content marketing doesn’t even look like marketing. Selling bespoke men’s boots? Create an infographic about the way male shoe sizes have grown in the last century, tie it to a tongue-in-cheek conclusion about big feet, and ensure your brand name is placed modestly on the image.

It’s hardly an advert: just a bit of silly fun. But it will get shared online: and that can quickly help to build associations between your business, and men’s shoes.

See our blog writing and press release pages for more information on these services.

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