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Preparing for the Search Alliance switch to Microsoft adCenter

Following the much publicised Search Alliance formed back in 2009, Microsoft's adCenter is set to...

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Making PPC meetings productive

In PPC marketing, the majority of conversations - regarding reports and updates - take place over...

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Recording Google + Hangouts

Possibly the biggest differentiator at present between Google Plus and other social networks are...

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Lynx use Facebook to launch and sell new deodorant for women

Unilever has announced the launch of new Lynx product specifically aimed at women, according to an...

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Mystic Martyna Makes Her New Year SEO Predictions

When it comes to making predictions, no-one has an infallible magic crystal ball. But here at...

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Jerry Yang departs from Yahoo!

The co-founder of the search engine Yahoo!, which first appeared back in 1995, has announced his...

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Internet goes dark for a day

Not the whole Internet, but a substantial proportion of sites, large and small, have temporarily...

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Increasing blog traffic levels

Thanks to tools such as Blogger and WordPress it has become very easy for SMBs (small and...

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PPC Marketing Heroes Fly Through Test

Holy mackerel! ClickThrough Marketing’s very own Fantastic Four dumped their tights and capes this...

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Keeping your PPC marketing campaigns on track

PPC marketing is likely to play a significant role in many businesses' digital marketing strategies...

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