BidCops PPC Digest - Mother's Day Tips and Boosting Content Marketing Campaigns

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Is your PPC primed for Mother’s Day?

Here’s a fact for you: UK consumers spend an average of £27.37 on Mother’s Day gifts.

And, according to Bing, 13% of US shoppers were interested in buying consumer electronics for their mums!

For more Mother’s Day search trends and insights, read our post: Mother’s Day PPC – What You Need to Know for March 15.

Mother's Day PPC - What You Need To Know For March 15.

And now for something completely different. Have you ever considered how PPC can boost content marketing success?

We have. In fact, we’ve come up with three reasons why paid advertising and content marketing are born bedfellows, including tips for using paid social campaigns and display advertising to increase your content’s audience.

3 Ways PPC Can Improve Your Content Marketing

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