Podcast: Paid Media, Festivities and Peak Periods

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Episode Four of The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast has arrived in time for Christmas. Learn about Digital Paid Media with special guest Sarah.

Podcast: Paid Media, Festivities and Peak Periods

Christmas is now nearly upon us, so we've wrapped our final podcast of the year up, placed it under the tree and left it there with your name on it. The wrapping paper is duck themed, by the way.

Unwrap everything about Digital Paid Media, trends and things to consider moving into the new year, Black Friday and the festive period and how 2021 compared to 2020 in The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast.

What Is The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast?

The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast is ClickThrough's very own Digital Marketing podcast, aimed at making understanding the sector and its various channels easier to understand - in a fun, accessible way.

In the podcast, we cover the need-to-know about areas listeners may not be familiar with, utilising the experts we have working with us to discuss successes, failures, issues and more. All of that comes alongside general conversation. It's literally like a chat while making a brew.

The first three episodes of the covered various topics including:

Episode 4: A Podcast About Paid Media

This month's episode sees regular hosts Chris and Olivia joined by ClickThrough's Head of Digital Paid Media, Sarah Clarke. They discuss the worlds of PPC, Social, Display and Amazon, peak periods like Christmas and Black Friday and much more.

There's also talk about how user psychology comes into play in paid channels, how this year compared to last in terms of growth and what to expect in 2022.

You'll find thought-provoking discussion, interesting facts and answers among all of the rambling in our latest Digital Marketing podcast.

How To Listen

Join people from across the world in listening to our Digital Marketing podcast, and leave feeling informed and waiting for more!

You can listen to The Assorted Digital Ramblings podcast on major streaming platforms and smart devices. Listen on:

Alternatively, you can listen to this episode right here, using the embedded player below.

We'll be back in the new year with an introduction to PR & Outreach, covering some major gaffes from brands and how the world of public relations continues to change.

If you'd like to discuss how we can help you produce your own podcast, or are interested by any of the conversation topics covered in this episode, get in touch!

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