Podcast: We Let ChatGPT Lead Our Podcast Episode

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Join Chris and Olivia, and their artificial guest ChatGPT this month, as the artificial intelligence guides the topic of conversation.

What does AI Think Marketing is?

Following our last episode where the conversation centred around the growth of AI and the usefulness of the Google Helpful Content Update, we decided to let AI take control and tell us what we should talk about in the latest episode of The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast.

The episode is controlled entirely by the AI – other than the introduction and the conversation had between our two hosts, Chris and Olivia. The subject matters and sub-sections are all controlled by what ChatGPT thinks is relevant for a marketing podcast to talk about!


Looking for a podcast on Digital Marketing? Well, this podcast episode especially is exactly what a Digital Marketing podcast should be about – according to artificial intelligence, anyway. You can find Episode 17, and all of our other episodes on major podcasting platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or our website’s podcast homepage.

Listen to the latest episode using the embedded Spotify player below – or you can ask your smart speaker to play the latest episode of The Assorted Digital Ramblings podcast instead.

Episode 17 timestamps

If you’re interested in only hearing about a specific conversation point, our episode timestamps can help you navigate with ease.

00:00 – Introduction

06:25 – Developments in AI

09:20 – Latest trends and best practices in Social Media

12:00 – Organic Social Media

14:40 – Influencer marketing

21:35 – Video Marketing

27:00 – AI Powered Marketing Tools

31:30 – Voice Powered Search

34:00 – Augmented Reality

39:00 – Data Analytics

43:00 – A/B Testing

44:30 – Data Privacy

47:00 – Branding and Storytelling

52:30 – Marketing and Ethics

59:30 – Social Media Ethics

1:02:00 – ChatGPT’s Random Questions

1:04:00 – Outro

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