Podcast: Helpful Content Update and ChatGPT

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Join Chris, Olivia and this month's guest Beth as Assorted Digital Ramblings takes on Google's Helpful Content Update, ChatGPT and more. 

Google's Helpful Content Update vs. The Rise in AI

Non-human generated content has always been a bit of an issue for Google and it's likely that their Helpful Content Update would have landed even without 2022's rise in AI - but the updates, which came in August and December, have taken on new meaning since ChatGPT came to the forefront of Digital Marketing. You can find out more information about ChatGPT from this exciting blog from Dr. Dave Chaffey.

The latest episode of The Assorted Digital Ramblings podcast sees Chris, Olivia and content specialist Beth take on the Helpful Content Update, genuine uses for AI within the field of content, AI watermarking and much more. 

Episode 16: Why AI Content Is Bad

Looking for a podcast about Digital Marketing? The Assorted Digital Ramblings podcast takes on various specialisms, conversation topics and the latest news to try and help you to understand what's going on in the digital world. You can find Episode 16, and all of our other episodes on all major podcasting platforms, or our podcast homepage.

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Episode 16 Timestamps

If you want to hear about a specific conversation point in this episode of the podcast, you can take a look at our show timestamps and navigate with ease. 

Content warning: There is discussion about needles and blood that may have an effect on squeamish listeners. You can skip the introduction and this discussion by moving to 07:10.

00:00 - Introduction

07:10 - What is the Helpful Content Update?

08:20 - The difference between the August and December rollouts

09:20 - What should you look for after an algorithm update?

12:30 - Google's stance on AI written content

14:40 - Writing towards the Helpful Content Update

18:30 - Collaboration and integration between Content and SEO

21:10 - Can you tell who has written content?

23:00 - The impact of poor content

23:30 - What should you do if your content is poor?

27:00 - The update's machine learning approach

30:00 - Writing for niche clients and honing research skills

35:00 - Using ChatGPT for research and ideation

37:00 - The future of Content and SEO

43:00 - Other uses for ChatGPT

44:40 - Research into Anti-AI machine learning

48:00 - Making the most of EAT

50:00 - Outro

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