The DPM Weekly Update: Twitter Reopens Applications for Verified Accounts

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In this week's DPM news update, Liv spills all on the recent updates Twitter, Pinterest and Google Ads.


Liv here with this week's update in the world of DPM! This week we've seen changed in Twitter's verification process, Pinterest insisting that they're not a social media platform, and Google Ads adding another fail-safe to their budgeting settings.


Twitter Re-Opens Public Applications for Profile Verification

Some good news for all the wannabe Twitter celebrities this week. Twitter has reopened public applications for profile verification, meaning your dreams of grabbing a coveted blue tick could be realised!

But, before you celebrate there are some pretty strict criteria for applications. Unless your account falls into one of their 'influential' categories, to be considered for a blue tick you must meet one criteria from column A and one from column B (Source: Twitter)

Column A: Twitter Activity Column B: Off Twitter Notability
Follower count in the top .05% of active accounts located in the same geographic region A profile on Google Trends with evidence of recent search activity;
In the top .05% of active accounts located in the same geographic region in terms of volume of conversation about them, based on mentions, rate of Follower growth, or other internal signals.  A stable Wikipedia article about them that meets the encyclopedia’s notability standards for people;
Widely credited for creating a hashtag movement that is capturing a large volume of conversation within a given community. 3 or more featured references within the 6 months prior to applying in news outlets that meet the News criteria above; including specialty publications related to their profession or expertise; or
  Reference to the account or the account holder’s name indicating a leadership position on an official site associated with known advocacy work. 



Pinterest distances themselves from social media with 'Idea Pins': a revamped version of stories

Pinterest, the home of inspiration, is moving away from being included in the 'Social Media' category, most likely due to it's most recent moves into the world of ecommerce. As part of this, Pinterest are moving away from 'stories' and instead revamping as 'Idea Pins' - a version of stories that fits more with Pinterest's platform of inspiring users.


Google Ads Introduces Account Monthly Spend Limits

Some great news from Google Ads now, as they have introduced monthly spend limits at account level. This will let advertisers set an absolute limit on all spend in campaigns across their accounts. If the account hits the budget? All campaigns are paused. Immediately.

Within agencies where daily optimisations are part of account management, this optional feature is nice to have as a fail safe but otherwise not huge news. For super busy in-house teams though, this could be a lifeline.


Join us next week when we'll be bringing you more news from the world of DPM!

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