Congratulations to our October 2020 Employee of The Month, Alex Copping!

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It's time to celebrate October's Employee of The Month - our rather marvelous PPC Specialist, Alex Copping.

Congratulations to our October 2020 Employee of The Month, Alex Copping!

Alex joined CTM as a PPC Specialist at the beginning of August this year, he has made a tremendous impact within the business, inspiring his colleagues with his creativity and optimistic determination. He takes the initiative to drive success with our clients’ paid media strategies, ensuring we achieve consistently strong results across the board.

Alex was nominated for the following reasons:

“The results speak for themselves. The work Alex has done on his clients is excellent, smashing revenue and ROI expectations.”

“It feels like Alex has been here forever! He always brings new ideas to the table and nothing is ever too much for him.”

“Alex has been a breath of fresh air since joining the agency..”


What do you enjoy most / what is your favourite part about working at clickthrough?


I love the autonomy that is provided within my role and day to day management of my client’s accounts. I think the level of trust placed in me has allowed me to work in a way that suits my strengths and I feel confident in the decisions I’m making as a product of that. I really think that CTM has allowed me to push myself to the next level by embracing my ideas and encouraging me to continue to challenge and improve how things are done.


What have you gained from working at ClickThrough?


A newfound self-belief in what I do and what I want to achieve. I think it’s also worth mentioning that I’ve managed to achieve a really healthy work life balance since starting at the agency which is something I’ve struggled with in the past. I think that has really helped me develop as a Specialist and hopefully can act as a springboard for future success.


Finally, what will you spend your winning voucher on?

I need a new bathmat but I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror the same way

again if I spent a voucher on that. I’ll probably buy something pointless and unnecessary to brighten up 2020, I have always wanted a dartboard…

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