Congratulations to our April Employee of the Month, Jordan Adams!

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Taking the title of Employee of the Month for April is the one and only… Jordan Adams!

It’s our favourite time of the month when we get to share some of the amazing members of our team with our Employee of the Month award. Congratulations to Jordan Adams for being our Employee of the Month for April! Since joining ClickThrough in July 2021 as a Content Specialist, Jordan has been incredible in building great relationships with clients and bringing new and innovative ideas to the team. We caught up with Jordan to find out more about our latest winner!

“Jordan consistently brings flair and charisma to every call he is on and demonstrates a genuine passion for his craft. He's built fantastic relationships with clients and has been a champion for cross-department collaboration, working closely with SEO, PR, and paid channels to build strong brand identities through tone of voice. His energy is infectious, and he is a highly valued member of the team.”


Can you tell us a little about your role here at ClickThrough?

I’m a Content Specialist, which means I am responsible for devising and delivering creative and engaging content to a diverse range of clients. It varies from blog posts, infographics, landing pages, ad copy, and more. The beauty of my role is that I get to wear many hats!


What is your favourite part of your role?

It’s hard to narrow down one part so I would have to split it. I’m an extraordinary word nerd, seeing words in rhythm and seeing the correct choice of words is like music to my ears. Seeing them stacked up perfectly in a sentence is a particularly niche piece of word nerdery that I enjoy. So, my favourite part of my role would have to be split between that as well as the top-level creative strategy. I am keen to innovate and push boundaries wherever possible. It’s always wonderful to have clients who are receptive to that process and approach. I’m fortunate to work with some amazing clients who are happy to have me think outside the box and push the envelope in new creative ways. In digital I am keen to remind people that content is more the just words, this is something my colleague Regan has recently written about in a blog post.  Content can come in so many different formats and I enjoy pushing those creative boundaries.


What are you planning on spending your voucher on?

I am going to be book shopping with it. Even though my bookshelves are quite literally buckling under the weight of books in the front room. I feel there are a few more texts and books that I want to get my hands on such as a book of essays by Hideo Kojima, who is a game designer. I typically always get my daughters some books too, I think everyone in the family will get a new book!


What would you say you have gained from working for ClickThrough?

There are so many things I have developed here being at ClickThrough, but I think a big one is a greater insight into collaboration because up until joining the agency I was a freelancer, a creative writer, and an academic. So, it was very much the case of working solo in isolation for upwards of a decade. Admittedly it was still collaborative media such as comics, film, and TV, but it is mainly down to you to write the script. While here at ClickThrough we are a big team, so I am liaising with different departments in so many different ways. It’s very much been a course in collaboration, but I have benefitted hugely when I compare my collaboration skills now to when I started. When I first started my instinct would be to work on my own but now, I’ll be asking everyone for their opinions and it’s great to work in that supportive environment.


What three words would you use to describe yourself?

This is what I aim to be and hope others do see me like this, but first off, I am going to say creative, because, in some way, shape or form, creativity seeps into every aspect of my life. Of course, being a Content Specialist is inherently creative but also, I am a writer outside of my role at ClickThrough. I am also a musician and I’ve even been an actor a couple of times. I try to live the most creative life possible. My next one will be determined, I am not one to sit back and let life happen, apathy is almost my greatest enemy. I just can’t stand it sitting back, I like to push and see things through, if I get pushed down and some people may think it's time to quit, I keep going and keep going. That’s because anytime I’ve ever experienced any success, (including getting my perfect role here at ClickThrough) it came from determination. Another example is when trying to get my work published, I must be able to take rejection and keep working. The final word I am going with is impatient, which links with my determination. I can be quite impatient at times, but I try to harness that positively and productively, there is impatience where I can be disliking waiting, for example, the queues at Alton Towers are a nightmare for me. Then more productively, impatience in the sense that I could wait until the next week to complete this work, but I always choose to see it through now. Once I have an idea, then I must work on it and see it through.


Do you have any inspiring words for anyone who is thinking of joining ClickThrough?

I would say challenge yourself and join us here, it’s somewhat of a cliché but I think clichés exist for a reason. You don’t find out what you are capable of until you challenge yourself. If you are afraid of doing something, the absolute best thing you can do is to just do it! You learn so much about yourself and come out of the other side stronger for it. A secondary piece of advice I would give is once you have passed the point of pushing yourself, don’t let someone else define your boundaries, keep pushing and define them yourself.

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