A ‘Grande’ Congratulations to our February EOTM, Mafer Mora!

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Here to collect the award for our February Employee of the Month, step up onto the metaphorical stage… Mafer Mora!

We are excited to say congratulations to Maria (Mafer) Mora for being our Employee of the Month for February! Since joining ClickThrough as a Finance Executive in August, Mafer has been an integral part of our finance team and has excelled in her role this past month. We caught up with Mafer to find out more about her, and her experience at ClickThrough, since joining the team.

“Mafer has been a finance superwoman in the past month and has gone above and beyond to support the team. I can tell how busy she is, but she's continued to be so helpful in getting my various POs and awards submissions sorted! Mafer has managed the department processes so seamlessly and adjusted to being the main ClickThrough finance contact brilliantly. She's approached tasks which are new to her with an organised and thorough approach as well as keeping calm and very smiley all the time!”


Can you tell us a little about your role here at ClickThrough?

I joined ClickThrough as a Finance Executive, which has been a real dynamic experience, with me controlling ClickThrough’s payable accounts and supporting any finance processes. Recently we have been improving our services further, so I have been managing the finances involved in that too.


What is your favourite part of your role?

I love seeing all the numbers put together and making them match - I am a little obsessed with numbers, which is perfect for my role! I always enjoy the process of taking all the invoices, seeing what our outgoings have been and understanding where we still have incomings or outgoings to go. You could say I enjoy the aspect of being a detective to track down and understand the whole of finance.


How did you get into the world of finance?

My previous job was also in finance but before that, I ended up in finance because of my previous role in Venezuela as a Data Analyst. I worked in the statistical department looking at trends and analysing large amounts of data. I previously studied Chemical Engineering and Maths so having this background combination of data and finance allowed me to find a role in finance. With this experience and transferable skills from my studies, I then moved into my role here at ClickThrough.


What are you planning on spending your voucher on?

My husband is a huge spender on Amazon, we have parcels arriving every week so, I am going to give him the Amazon voucher in exchange for the cash! I then plan on spending this on a bread-making course. I love making bread and find the whole bakery process enjoyable, so, the plan is to book a bakery course in English.


What would you say you have gained from working for ClickThrough?

A very big one for me is confidence. My previous job was in finance but, in-between these roles, I had a break and spent a couple of years at home due to having a child. It was difficult to think about coming back at first, to feel confident after that time off. Now that I am back, I know that I have the skills and expertise to do it. Having that confidence in myself again is a huge thing that working at ClickThrough has helped me with. Of course, I mostly work from home now, but having the opportunity to go into the office and speak to other departments is also a big plus for me.


What three words would you use to describe yourself?

First up I would say reliable because I feel I have demonstrated that I am the person who others and this company can trust. I am very passionate, whenever I take on any task, or have the opportunity to do work, I want to ensure that I do it to the best that I can do. Lastly, I would say emotional - I can be extremely happy and then, if you give good news as a surprise or have me watch a sad film, you can always count on me to tear up!


Do you have any inspiring words for anyone who is thinking of joining ClickThrough?

I would firstly say go for it! I would definitely recommend working at ClickThrough, I feel like there is such a supportive culture here. It’s so collaborative and it’s not something you can read on a website, it’s something that you can feel when you work here. Even with working from home, I have never felt alone - almost every day I had Debbie and Vic showing me support, asking me how I was feeling, how am I finding the role, how can they help me and much more! Both Debbie and Vic have been amazing to work with and I really appreciate that support. You can tell that ClickThrough cares about their employees, with the regular packages and hampers we are receiving in the post, we may be working from home, but it certainly does not feel that way. They believe in constantly improving and will always give you the tools that you need to succeed and grow here.


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