Digital Paid Media News: Amazon Attribution, IGTV Donations, Google Ad Credits Update

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In the latest Digital Paid Media roundup, ClickThrough's online advertising ace Tom Mulli has hoovered-up the most intriguing and important stories in the digital ad ecosystem, and summarised them just for you.


Digital Paid Media News: Amazon Attribution, IGTV Donations, Google Ad Credits Update

In this week's roundup, we look at the latest changes to Amazon's creative and tracking offerings, a new way for Instagram users to give to broadcasters, and who will be receiving their share of Google's $340m advertiser relief program first.

Latest Amazon News


Sponsored Brands Taller Desktop Creative


The Sponsored Brands desktop ad creative has increased in size for EU marketplaces and now features a card format to display all three products, a headline, and brand logo. This replaces the earlier desktop experience that showed all creative elements in one row.

According to Amazon:

"In order to create campaigns featuring the updated desktop creative, the brand logo must meet the Sponsored Brands creative guidelines. If the logo doesn’t meet the creative guidelines, Sponsored Brands ads will continue to appear in the old layout."


In addition to this, you can now add custom mobile image placements.


Amazon Attribution is Now Available to UK Vendors


Amazon Attribution is a BETA programme that empowers agencies and tool providers with insight into how advertisers’ non-Amazon digital marketing tactics—across search, social, video, display, and email—impact sales on Amazon. This helps you to understand how customer activity outside of Amazon impacts sales on Amazon.


Amazon Attribution can enable you to uncover potential Amazon sales opportunities and make multi-channel campaign recommendations and optimizations on the fly based on real-time performance insights. It is now available for partners and advertisers who have active Vendor Central accounts in the UK, having only been available in the US previously.


Latest Paid Social News


Facebook Adds Post Creation Capacity to Creator Studio App


Back in February, Facebook launched the brand new Creator Studio App, which was designed to make it easier to manage Facebook/Instagram from your phone, and it would also you to get more insights on content performance too.

One of the key design flaws when it was first released is that you couldn’t create posts whist on the go. You would have to create the post via desktop, then schedule the posts and you could then move them around as and when you need to in the Creator Studio App.

Facebook did receive quite a hefty amount of criticism for this; however they have listened to the feedback and now, in the latest version of the app, you can create posts in the app itself!


Instagram Announces Next Stage of IGTV Monetisation


Earlier this week, Instagram announced the next stage of monetisation for IGTV, whilst they are also adding new badges for IG live, which will allow viewers to donate money to broadcasters.

Instagram are also rolling out monetisation for more broadcasters, with ads being shown at the start of IGTV videos, with Instagram sharing the revenue from the ads with the creators.


Latest Digital Paid Media News


Google Ads Begin Rolling Out Credits for SMBs


Earlier this week, Google began the first phase of its programme to provide up to $340 million in Ads advertising credits for qualifying small and medium-sized businesses. Advertisers who are eligible for the scheme in New Zealand will be the first recipients of the roll-out.

Google also provided more information regarding the amount of credits eligible advertisers will receive. Google confirmed that the amount will vary between advertisers, and will be based on historical spend, and will be a maximum of $1000, (or the equivalent currency of the account).


Discovery Ads Now Available Globally


Last year, Google introduced two image-driven ad tests to its advertising platform, in the form of Gallery Ads and Discovery Ads. Although Gallery ads hasn’t made it past the beta stage, Discovery ads have come out of testing and are now available to advertisers globally.

Discovery campaigns were officially rolled out last month, however Google only made the announcement on Wednesday 27th May. Discovery ads themselves are eligible to run on YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds, as well as on the Discover feed and in Gmail Promotion/Social tabs.

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