Meet Olivia Green, ClickThrough Marketing's new Paid Social Executive

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Cornettos, chihuahuas, and amateur dramatics... find out what our new Paid Social Executive, Olivia Green, gets up to in her spare time!



When did you join ClickThrough?

 I joined ClickThrough in February 2021




What does your role at ClickThrough involve?

I am the Paid Social Executive for ClickThrough! Meaning I help to create engaging content and optimise accounts to get the best performance for all of our clients. Helping them not only reach their short term goals in each campaign but also hopefully helping their business grow and reach new heights 😊




What's your background?

Prior to working at ClickThrough I worked at another amazing agency as a Paid Social Executive, gaining a year's worth of knowledge of Paid Social Media. As well as knowledge of each channel/platform, client management and teamwork skills this helped confirm my decision to work in digital marketing, specifically Paid Social, for good! Before this I completed my A levels in English Language and Literature, Psychology and Performing Arts.




What do you love about your role at ClickThrough?

I LOVE the working team spirit… you never feel alone at ClickThrough with any task! As the channels work hand in hand you can always rely on someone’s help if needed whether they’re in the Social team, Amazon team, PPC or SEO. Also, the responsibility… within the first week I was added onto client calls and given important tasks to complete making me feel trusted as an employee which is amazing!


What do you like about ClickThrough and its culture?

ClickThrough is the friendliest company I’ve ever worked for - their new starter process is very well thought out, I didn’t feel as anxious as you usually would going into a new role. The team socials are also a plus!


If you hadn't gone into marketing, what would your other career option be?

If I hadn’t gone into marketing I would have loved to go into teaching! I think being a drama teacher would have suited me best (Because I’m the biggest drama queen there is 😃) but at one point in life I wanted to go into medicine and be the legally blonde, Elle Woods of the GP surgery.



IF you could trade places with any other person for a week, who would it be and why?

Such a good question… My brain sways to Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk because I feel like, given a week with their bank account, a lot of issues around the world could be solved.



What do you do in your spare time?

I love walking, I try to get on a good size walk every night of the week! I’m a massive movie nerd, so spend a lot of time watching new films or re-watching my favourites. (Love the three flavours cornetto trilogy, if you know you know 😉)


I’m a proud parent to a little ratty chihuahua and he’s a brat so a lot of my attention goes to him 😃 I also love spending time (albeit virtually) with my family, friends and boyfriend.


When the world wasn't locked down I was part in an Am Dram group where I had a brilliant time performing to a proper audience in a proper theatre! Amazingly given me chance to play roles like Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers and Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate factory.


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