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Posts by Dr. Dave Chaffey:

The Ever-Expanding Audience Targeting Options

In this latest article, Dr Dave Chaffey delves into the different solutions for audience targeting...

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Using Artificial Intelligence in Search Marketing

As discussed in his previous article, Dave revisits marketing applications of AI, this time with...

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Marketing Applications Of AI

In my latest blog, I discuss the importance of AI and how this growing trend can be applied to...

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Opportunities For Social Media Marketing

How can we use the latest trends in Social Media to expand on our Social Media marketing...

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Why Aren't More Businesses Using CRO?

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) should have great appeal across different types of businesses.

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Getting the Right Balance of Paid, Owned and Earned Media

Dr. Dave Chaffey details the need for 'always on' media and how to reach users at each stage within...

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Which Digital Marketing Activities Should We Focus On In 2017?

Dr. Dave Chaffey considers what digital marketing tactics businesses should adopt for 2017, with...

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Tapping Into the New SEO Insights Available in Google Search Console

Dr. Dave Chaffey welcomes the new changes to reporting in Google's Search Console, and explains...

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The AdWords Sidebar Update - An example of how to review the impact of changes in digital marketing

Do you enjoy dealing with the change involved in digital marketing? I think everyone involved in...

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AdWords Innovations to Test in 2016

Dr. Dave Chaffey shares his insights into three new development themes that have taken place with...

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We All Know Content Marketing Is Important, But How Well Are Businesses Managing It?

Dr. Dave Chaffey explains why having a Content Marketing Plan in place is vital to success

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