Congratulations to Regan Foy, our October Employee of the Month!

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Time to catch up with our October Employee of the month, podcast expert and self-confessed shoe fanatic Regan Foy!


As you will have already noticed it is time to announce our October Employee of the Month so, let’s welcome to centre stage, Regan Foy! We caught up with our Digital Content Executive to say congratulations and to find out even more about our October Employee of the Month, Regan!

Regan has worked so hard on bringing a new product to life for ClickThrough these past few months, with everyone finally being able to see the finished result in the past two weeks! It is so exciting to see us expand like this, and it's all down to him and his expertise.

The productisation of the ClickThrough podcast has all stemmed from Regan. He has single-handedly masterminded the entire process, from the research and drafting short, medium, and long-terms plans, sourcing equipment, providing training, and planning a six-month calendar with scripts. To see this, materialise into the launch of a professional entity has been amazing and he's inspired a lot of people in the company to go and innovate.

He has done a phenomenal job bringing the ClickThrough podcast to fruition and has also coped with some client challenges amazingly this month!


Can you tell us a little bit about your role here at ClickThrough?

I’m a digital content executive. I’ve recently been launching and managing the new ClickThrough podcast but, other than that, I write content for clients’ websites, trying to improve rankings, and generally help clients understand how important content is to an overall digital marketing strategy.


Favourite part of your role?

I think the research to be honest! I really enjoy doing research at the start of my work and delving into the backgrounds of what's going on in this industry or in this sector and increasing my knowledge whilst also working on the client’s strategy. We have clients in a range of different sectors and industries, and no person can be expected to be an expert in the inner workings of care homes and student accommodation. So, whether you are doing an optimisation piece or a creation piece for a blog, you must research what you're writing about, and learn plenty in the process.


What are you planning on spending your voucher on?

I had a couple of thoughts and, originally, I was probably going to go with ASOS. In the end I asked for a voucher to the Nike store - I’m big on trainers and have far too many! I’ve got an entire cupboard that is literally just for shoes… I've got around 30/40 pairs of shoes in there! I’ve had my eyes on a specific pair of Jordan 1’s, so I will snag some of those when they are back in stock.


What would you say that you've gained working for ClickThrough?

Quite a lot to be honest! Obviously, a lot of knowledge. As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve picked up knowledge from areas that I would never have researched in my own time - with some clients you get to write about such a wide plethora of things, it makes every day a school day. Other than that, I think my confidence has increased. I think a lot of people, especially in marketing struggle with imposter syndrome and I think probably a lot of new starters struggle with it as well but, once you hit the ground running, then, you know, it does wonders for your confidence. Then, working with colleagues here, proofreading each other people’s work, I have learnt and developed a lot more skills since starting. Having my eyes on other people’s style of writing is always fun and helps me grow.


What three words would you use to describe yourself?

This is not the easiest question! I’d say approachable, invested and I don't want to say hard working, because I feel like it's such a blatant answer. Innovative!


Do you have any inspiring words for anyone who is thinking of joining ClickThrough?

To quote Nike or Shia LaBeouf, just do it. If you're thinking about getting into agency work or just marketing, then don't let any kind of external factors put you off because this is such a growing industry, especially at ClickThrough, where there's so much opportunity to discover where you want to go in your career and how you want to grow. ClickThrough will support you with however you want to grow. I’ve worked at previous agencies before and didn't really enjoy it, I think that's very much to do with the kind of the vibe that was around the place, it was very much headphones in and working for 8 hours. Then you go home and can go an entire day without speaking to anyone. I just think at ClickThrough everyone is so approachable, compared to other workplaces, let alone marketing agencies. I think ClickThrough is a really great place to work, so, if you have the opportunity to interview or are offered the job then take it.


Can you tell us about your history with Podcasts?

I’m sure a lot of people at ClickThrough have side hustles or other things they do in their free time. For me, it has been four years since I launched my own blog. A sports blog covering the football team I support (which I won’t name in case it’s controversial!). After a while, we were getting a lot of attention on our writing and I thought, “okay, so if people are interested in reading our thoughts, would they be interested in hearing us think and speak?”. So, we launched a podcast, with no prior experience and no editing knowledge, and from there it has gone from strength to strength, both the blog and podcast. The blog has had over one and a half million views and the podcast has been listened to over 150,000 times. I’ve been very lucky in having friends who are trained in very specific skills that have been willing to help me and have since met more people who are also highly trained, so I’ve picked up loads of industry contacts in the process. I’ve then built my expertise by doing it myself, then took a step back from recording and became somewhat of a podcast manager. Whilst I was on the podcast, we were even nominated for sports awards, which we attended at the Etihad Stadium amongst others.

That podcast is still performing exceptionally well, but I wanted to use the expertise that I picked up from doing the podcast myself and build it here at ClickThrough. I came in straight through the door and within the first week mentioned to higher ups this is what I want to do, I want to offer this to clients. It evolved from an idea to lots of planning, lots of other ideas and we thought it would be wise to launch the ClickThrough podcast first. I’m just trying to use my expertise in various mediums and areas that we can grow in. While content is king, and you need great words to inspire people to buy your products, content is more than just words. It’s video, it’s graphics and I think it’s something that we can definitely expand upon.


You can listen to Regan’s podcast management skills in action in The Assorted Digital Ramblings podcast – available on all major podcast streaming platforms! Listen in now!


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