Introducing ClickThrough’s New Head of HR & Business Operations

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We are pleased to announce that Michelle Plowman has been promoted to Head of HR & Business Operations. Find out more about what her new role entails.

Michelle has played a central role to the smooth running of ClickThrough Marketing and has provided crucial operational support across each of our departments, and has deservedly been promoted to Head of HR & Business Operations.

Michelle will continue to grow her level of influence and impact across the business, by maintaining her progress with internal HR initiatives and talent management strategies.

Aside from nurturing how we operate as a business and seeking new opportunities for improvements, Michelle will continue to support our directors on a strategic level and take on higher levels of responsibility.

I am very proud of Michelle’s achievements over the last 7.5 years. Michelle is always positive, great to have around and integral to the running of CTM.” - Phil Robinson, Founder & CEO

On behalf of the ClickThrough team, we'd like to congratulate Michelle on her achievements and her well-deserved promotion.

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