Podcast: Why Podcasts Should Be a Part of Your Marketing

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It's podception! The latest episode of The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast sees Chris return as host, as he and Olivia delve into the world of Podcasts and their overlap with marketing with our podcast producer Regan.

Why Podcasts Should be A Part of Your Marketing

In this latest episode of The Assorted Digital Ramblings podcast, regular hosts Chris and Olivia join up to discuss the changing landscape of the United Kingdom following the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the change in Prime Minister - before they introduce guest Regan Foy onto the episode. 

The latest discussion in this marketing podcast takes place all around Podcasts and why they deserve a place within the marketing mix of many businesses. 

Some of the topics covered include what a good return on investment looks like, how businesses can get started with podcasting and why the true boom of the podcasting industry is yet to happen.

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00:00 - Introduction

08:00 - How did podcasts emerge and why are podcasts so popular?

12:00 - What makes a good podcast and what should creators look to include?

14:00 - What made podcasts stand out to you as a medium?

16:20 - How would businesses know whether a podcast is right for them?

20:00 - Which industries should avoid podcasting?

21:00 - What are podcasts like for new customer acquisition?

24:00 - Key stats on engagement and podcasting in 2022

28:20 - What kind of ROI can businesses expect?

30:00 - A basic overview of how some podcast advertising works

36:30 - Where do podcasts sit in an integrated marketing strategy? What are some of the benefits of including it in your mix?

41:00 - The link between podcasts, YouTube and TikTok and Spotify's vodcast acquisition

45:00 - Thoughts on the next steps for the podcasting industry

47:00 - The time investment of businesses

48:00 - Personal Podcast tastes and habits

1:00:03 - Three key tips for making a podcast successful

1:01:15 - Interests and worries about the future of podcasting

1:05:30 - Wrapping up

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