Podcast: Peak During a Major Sporting Event

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The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast welcomes Alex up to the microphone this month, as hosts Chris and Olivia grill him on all things peak, Black Friday and the winter World Cup - as well as much more.


The latest episode of The Assorted Digital Ramblings podcast sees regular hosts Chris and Olivia welcome ClickThrough's Head of PPC, Alex, to talk about all things peak and the fact that there's a major sporting event thrown in the middle this year.

Alex discusses everything from Black Friday to whether brands should be taking a stance on the winter World Cup in Qatar.

There's also talk about the number of external influences on peak this year, whether businesses can do too much, and various other topics too.

Episode 14: Marketing In Motion 

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Episode 14 Timestamps

00:00 - Introduction

4:20 - Introducing our guest

7:40 - Is football coming home?

10:00 - Variables affecting peak this year

13:50 - How should people have prepared for peak?

16:00 - Advice on planning for peak

17:30 - Optimistic or pessimistic for Black Friday?

22:00 - Has Black Friday lost its edge?

29:00 - Could peak be utilised better by non e-Commerce businesses?

30:40 - Is there such thing as too much during Black Friday?

37:20 - Is peak enjoyable?

39:00 - Ideal clients during Black Friday

41:00 - How much peak has changed over the years

45:00 - A major sporting event during peak

47:20 - How do other sporting events compare?

49:20 - England vs USA and the impact

52:00 - Black Friday Strategies eBook

53:00 - Adaptable marketing collateral and marketing during controversy

54:00 - Taking a stance and Brewdog

58:00 - Do brands need to share their opinion?

1:00:00 - Marketing in football terms

1:03:00 - Which footballer would you be?

1:05:00 - Favourite football chants

1:09:00 - World Cup winner predictions

1:11:00 - Outro


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