Podcast: Behavioural Science, Influencing Buyers And More

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For the first time, a guest returns! Sarah's back on The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast while Stef steps in as host again, and she and Chris grill our guest on behavioural science, influencing buyers and more. 

Behavioural Science in Marketing

In this latest episode of The Assorted Digital Ramblings podcast, Stef returns in for third appearance - standing in for regular host Olivia - while Sarah becomes the first guest to make two appearances and share even more expertise. 

This time, Sarah enlightens listeners with information about behavioural science in marketing, how marketers can use this to help influence buyers, create personas and why it should refocus strategy at times. 

There's talk about behavioural science paired with data, how it works across different channels and how marketers may forget they're consumers too.

The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast Episode 13

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Episode 13 Timestamps

0:00 - Introduction

2:20 - What is behavioural science?

5:30 - Do marketers forget they are consumers?

7:00 - Adjusting behaviours in different climates

10:00 - Can behaviour change in the long-term?

13:00 - Data vs. People

14:40 - Adjusting strategies based on consumer psychology

19:00 - Segmenting and creating personas

25:00 - Do personas differ across channels?

28:00 - Applying behavioural science across different channels

30:00 - Pairing data and personas

32:00 - Can it be applied in B2B marketing?

34:00 - Theorising the behaviour of those who work in marketing

38:00 - Reflecting on personal behaviour

41:00 - Wrapping up and further discussion

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