Podcast: International Marketing, Localisation and Obstacles

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Episode eight of The Assorted Digital Ramblings podcast is now out! Learn more about International Marketing with guest Alison.

It's time to get a bit more exotic in this episode of The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast. The latest episode is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Learn everything there is to know about International Marketing, from language to localisation, barriers to entry and more in our hour long episode. 

The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast

The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast is aimed at making marketing, its wide range of specialisms and the continued evolution of the sector more accessible. 

Within the podcast, there's great information on how to approach strategy in a number of channels, latest news and updates and much more as we share the expertise of the people who work at ClickThrough.

Expect in-depth discussion, conversation, and a load of fun and laughs on the way. 

The last episode of the podcast covered Paid Social Media, so be sure to check out the back catalogue. 

Episode eight: An International Marketing Podcast

In this episode, The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast covers everything you'll need to know about International Marketing as hosts Chris and Olivia are joined by Alison Booth, ClickThrough's Head of International.

Conversation covers moving activity into new countries, how just translating content won't work, and the impact of Brexit and the pandemic, as well as much more.

How To Listen To The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast

The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast is available on major streaming platforms, as well as household smart devices. You can listen on:

The podcast is now also available on a number of podcast aggregators - so if you can't find your favourite in the list above - make sure you search on where you listen!

Alternatively, you can listen to the episode via the embedded player below:


We'll be back in May with an episode about marketing agency operations and HR!

If you'd like to discuss International Marketing, or how we can help you to produce your own podcast, get in touch!

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