Congratulations to November’s Employee of the Month, Stephen Duncan!

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He may be new to ClickThrough… but he’s certainly no rookie! Time to meet our November Employee of the Month – Stephen Duncan!

Congratulations to November’s Employee of the Month, Stephen Duncan!

It’s our favourite time of the month! Time to reveal (and celebrate!) the winner of our November Employee of the Month and say congratulations to… Stephen Duncan! Joining ClickThrough as a Paid Search Specialist only two months ago, Stephen has already had a huge impact on his clients. We had a chat with Stephen to find out more about our winner.

“Although he's only been here a couple of months, we've had several clients comment on how great he is to have on the account. His manner and expertise on the calls have been invaluable and deserve to be recognised.”

“Stephen has worked incredibly hard from the moment he joined ClickThrough to become as informed as he can on all client accounts, which he works on as quickly as possible. He has dedicated an enormous amount of time to getting incredibly stuck in with client work and has worked so hard to cement relationships with key contacts. Some examples of this include:

  •  Investing heavily in strategy, performance, and working tirelessly to ensure this is as optimised as possible.
  •  Prioritising a much-needed re-invigoration to PPC.

It is a pleasure to work with Stephen and it is great to see how embedded he has become with clients in such a short space of time, I hear nothing but fantastic things from clients about Stephen and his work!”


Can you tell us about your role here at ClickThrough?

As a Paid Search Specialist, my main goals are to help grow, expand, innovate, and surpass client KPIs where achievable. Most importantly, I’m here to make sure the client is happy with the Paid Search service we are providing. Even though I’m new to the agency, I have a lot of experience in PPC, so my role will also include adding some more spice to the already well-run PPC channel here at ClickThrough.


What is your favourite part of your role?

I absolutely love working with clients. I love it when a client comes back to us and says they're happy with the performance and what we're doing. At the end of the day, we're making their lives easier if we're hitting their KPIs and targets - in other words, if we're doing our job, they're doing their job and their own internal stakeholders will be happy too! At the end of the day, we're in a partnership and we're gunning for the same goal.


What do you intend to spend your winning voucher on?

Argos. I was going to choose your generic Amazon, but I thought Argos would be better as you can get something electrical. There are always some good deals on the go - I've already got a massive TV, but you never know when something else might take my fancy. My brother’s getting a new flat so I might buy a kettle or microwave then some bits and bobs for him. I'd love to treat myself but I also like buying things for my family so I might do that instead.


What would you say that you've gained from working at ClickThrough?

I would say I'm gaining a better understanding of the inner workings of the department. The previous agency I worked at was on a much larger scale but, at ClickThrough, you can talk to the heads of departments and other specialists quite easily, so I'm learning more about the other channels within DPM, like Paid Social, Amazon, and Display, as well as others in the business.


What three words would you use to describe yourself?

I’m hoping the 3 words would be passionate, caring, and empathetic. I hope they are the main ones on my gravestone anyway!


You only started at ClickThrough two months ago and you have already won employee of the month, how do you feel about that achievement?

Super happy and chuffed to be recognised! There are 62 employees here at ClickThrough so, to be recognised as employee of the month out of that many smart and talented people, it makes me really chuffed. It's good that I've already (hopefully!) made an impact as I've only been here for two months! I'd love to know who nominated me…


What do you think you did to achieve this?

I think it’s because I use that empathy I mentioned with both my team and the clients, so can understand the “why” as well as the “what” when it comes to account performance. I try to really understand what’s going on in an account before I act on it - whether that's through talking to the team here, talking things through with the client themselves, or looking at the account as a whole outside of PPC.

I like to read up on my clients’ brands and get super passionate about what they're selling in the process, so I can genuinely talk with enthusiasm about their performance. I feel like I’ve brought that with me and that's been recognised. With a smaller PPC team, you need to come into the company and just crack on with it - I think that's what I've done, and people have recognised that.


Do you have any inspiring words for anyone who’s thinking of joining ClickThrough from a larger agency?

There are definitely more opportunities to grow, both in your role and as a person. The team is super supportive, and you feel a lot more together - with a smaller team, you rely on each other a lot more, so you've got that support system. It's fast-paced, it's exciting, and you are most likely on more clients, so you've got more things to do, more verticals to work on, and more things to learn about. It's nice to meet different clients, to get to know different backgrounds and different personalities, and then get to talk to such a big variety of people day-to-day.


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