We all operate in a dynamic, visual world, although the internet up till recently has been mainly a textual, static medium. That is, until broadband and available bandwidth meant serving videos became more of an option for all.

As video has taken off through the likes of Youtube (now a household name!), so many internet users have become accustomed to viewing and sharing videos through the Net. Although TV still seems to be the primary viewing mechanism, the growth of access to video online has meant that users are far more comfortable with it.

For many internet users, video is a great way of making information available to them, and the visual medium is far easier for getting messages across to the masses than text. Consider for instance a How To guide that details how to configure and install software. As we all know, most technical manuals are very difficult to understand (particularly if they have been translated) and often leave the consumer baffled and reaching for the phone to call technical support. However, a small clip of video which shows the precise steps which need to be taken, and screenshots to clarify those steps, can help solve the consumers’ problem and free up your tech support guys for more complex queries.

There are many ways to use video on your website, and adding it is easy, providing you ensure your hosting company allows you sufficient bandwith for your users to download or stream it. The other option is of course to put it on Youtube or a similar video site, and embed the video into your website. You should offer high and low badnwidth options, and decide whether to offer a stream or a download.

Anyone determined enough will steal your content should they choose to do so, so there are few ways that are within the majority of business budgets to protect it entirely. However, if what you want to do is make sure the information gets out there, if it is stolen and posted elsewhere, it is at least helping you advertise and promote your brand!

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