Here’s another tip to help your website achieve better results.

Open up your analytics package and look at your bounce rate. This is the percentage or number of users who leave from a specific page.

You would hope to find it is fairly low – below 50% is good. If however, you have bounce rates on specific pages that are overly high, which would imply user dissatisfaction with what they are finding on that page, you need to investigate the source of the links into that page, as well as the page design and content.

There are several reasons why a link into your site may be generating high bounce rates.

  • It may be that the link is irrelevant to the target audience of that site
  • The link text may be innacurate or misleading
  • The content of the entry or landing page may not be what is expected
  • Your copy or website design is not up to scratch and it is turning visitors off

By establishing exactly what the problems are, you can rebuild the page on your website to suit that particular audience and to offer the information they are seeking in a professional and attractive manner.

There is no point trying to get the link removed from the source site. If it is driving traffic to your website, then it is better to tailor that landing page to suit the traffic. Then you will hopefully be able to benefit from an increase in sales and conversions from your amended pages, and see your bounce rates drop.

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