Microsoft's self-styled decision engine Bing has introduced Twitter recommendations to search results.

Mike Ching and Shubha Nabar of Bing Social said that over the past year, the platform's work with Facebook and Twitter has helped it to bring in more "signals" that provide users with "relevant, real-time and connected results".

This "social layer" is being developed further with People Recommendation, which lists Twitter feeds directly related to an individual's query.

These are divided into Influential tweets, which help to "shape the conversation", or Popular feeds, such as those of a celebrity.

For example, someone searching for "Windows Phone" would be see recommended Twitter accounts that will provide them with more information on the product.

Alternatively, a user looking for details of the new film Machete would see feeds for its stars Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan, as well as the official movie account.

Nicola Clark of Marketing magazine recently said Twitter's own expansion into multimedia will "strike a chord" with users of online marketing services, allowing them to include features such as video clips in their messages.

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