By boosting search marketing with paid search companies can limit the damage of negative press, one article has suggested.

According to an article featured on e-consultancy, there are a number of benefits to paid search that companies may not be aware of and dealing with bad PR is one of these.

It is suggested that search engine optimisation is a useful tool for any business but adds that by providing counter-content for the web, businesses can combat any number of articles which may exist online that carry negative connotations.

One example given is a search for "Virgin airways complaints", which the article states when entered into a search engine will bring up a paid link that features online advertising for Virgin.

However, it goes on to state that any customer making this type of search is unlikely to click on this search marketing and adds that a company can easily turn this negative into a positive.

The site suggests that "actually serving an ad acknowledging the query and asking if there was anything you could do to help might turn negative PR into positive word of mouth."

Last week the Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog posted an article pointing out that there are some products that will never feature on their service including cigarettes, fireworks and fake IDs.

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