March 2011 saw Fan Pages changing to a new look, and a new name – Facebook Pages. These now look very similar to a personal page, and include the 5 photos across the top of the page. Whilst this can be changed to be a banner instead of individual photos, with a little creativity you can make these five photos much more eye-catching – giving your internet marketing an added level of personalisation in the process. In addition to this, you can now change your profile picture to a video rather than a static image. Here’s how…

1) Changing the five profile pics

As you can see, now instead of random photos from your photo albums, you can create exciting photos that reflect your business brand and purpose.

You will need a photo or image that is 692 pixels wide and a photo editing program that will allow you to crop photos. These instructions will create the second of the two examples so that the left hand edge of your photo will be your profile image, rather than an individual photo.

To create your profile pic, you will need to crop an image that is 180 pixels wide and 540 pixels high, starting from the left hand edge.

Then you need to create the five remaining images from your photo. You need to start the crop for these next pictures 20 pixels below the top of the image, because the profile pic has an additional 20 pixels. Crop an image from the right hand edge that is 492 wide by 68 pixels high. This should leave 20 pixels of unused photo between the profile pic and this crop.

You need to leave a 2 pixel gap between each photo, so crop five images each 96.8 x 68 pixels, leaving 2 pixels between each one. Once you have done this, all you need to do is upload the photos. The order in which you do so is important, so upload and tag your profile pic first, then furthest right image, and then work across to the one on the left of the 5 image strip.

If you do not have an image expert in house, there is now an app called picscatter which will do it all for you.

If you are feeling really adventurous, you can do a whole Facebook photo album hack as illustrated on Mashable

2) Make your profile pic a video

This is a development by Cisco and DDB Singapore to promote the Flip camera, but it adds a great extra to your Facebook Page and it’s very simple. There are two downsides – firstly, that only those with the FlipSG app will be able to see your video, and secondly an ad will be automatically posted to your wall once you  upload a video.

Go the FlipyourProfile page, upload your video and Flip Your Page.

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