Search engine optimisation is not free traffic, an expert on the subject has noted.

Stephan Spencer, a search engine optimisation specialist, wrote on Search Engine Land that organic search listings require both time and effort and that resources must be allocated to improving search rankings.

He suggested that using internal sources, as well as hiring search engine optimisation specialists, was important to reaching the desired end of better page rankings, but reaching this target can take time.

There are also a range of hidden costs with search engine optimisation which need to be factored in to any website marketing campaign, the article states.

"They say all good things take time, but the inordinate amount of time it takes for large companies to implement SEO initiatives equates to a serious amount of lost traffic," Mr Spencer said, aadding that a failure to optimise everything can lead to lost sales.

In related news, a recent article from Popular Mechanics suggested social networking sites could permanently change the face of search as we currently know it.

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