Yahoo!’s Kastle Waserman has highlighted the top tools for paid search campaigns.

In a "best of" post for the Yahoo! Search Marking Blog, the company’s communications manager said the first feature that is "indispensable" for users of pay per click services is analytics.

This can cover conversion-only analytics, which show how many sales occur from ad clicks, or full analytics, which track conversions, website activity, users’ browsing after they arrive at a landing page and their shopping cart choices.

Ms Waserman said this highlights areas of a site and particular products that generate the most attention and revenue.

Landing page and keyword performance reports are also essential tools, as they allow marketers to identify trends they can tailor their campaigns towards, or away from.

She said they should also be using a keyword forecasting tool, which will predict the outcome of bids. Companies can then adjust their bids accordingly to achieve their ideal position in search results.

Finally, marketers should use a campaign tune-up to get an expert evaluation of their account and suggestions for keyword bids, spending limits and match types to enhance performance.

Ms Waserman had previously written that one of the most common mistakes in paid search is duplicating keywords across marketing, as Yahoo!’s systems searches for and removes them, which results in a lower quality index score but a higher cost per click.

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