The search engines have been focussing on geolocators and geo targetting for quite some time now in order to provide location and device based search results. These are often felt to be of more relevance to a user during specific search types eg when shopping, rather than researching.

There are several factors which determine the effectiveness of your geotargetting strategies, and it is worth looking at this for success in local search in particular. As we move into a more mobile market, where searches are carried out using mobile devices, this will definitely be a subject you should be using.

The main factors which seem to affect the algorithms are:

1) The location of the client eg their IP address

2) The location of the hosting company or the website – this always used to affect your listing in regional search engines or those targetting a specific country, and often meant you needed to host in that country. It appears it stil matters!

3) Contact information. If you are targeting the north of England and are based in the south, that will not assist you! Consider your location and contact details

4) Gather links (inbound and outbound) which lead to the geographic areas that you are targeting

5) Language – there is no point targeting a German market if your website is all in English and offers no facility to communicate with that market in their own language anyway, but also the search engines will just see inappropriate linguistics and mark you down for that.

If you want to know more about how to set up a geotargeting strategy, read this geo-targeting checklist for local and international SEO.

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