Internet marketing services providers who may have been concerned about the impact of Google Instant on their search results may be interested in the opinion of one expert.

Jake Hird, senior research analyst at Econsultancy, said that a lot of people had overlooked the fact that the feature does not actually have any impact on the way in which the search engine's algorithm ranks pages.

"It just means that you might be served up a little bit faster, deeper, but I think the reason why they did it is just to enhance the user experience," he added, noting that search engine optimisation (SEO) would not really have been affected by the addition.

Mr Hird continued by noting that traditional methods of SEO, such as content, keywords and link building, would still be the main factors in where a site ranked on Google's results.

Google Instant, which offers predicted search results before a user types in their full query, was added to the site on September 8th last year.

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