Companies investing in internet marketing may be interested to hear that Google AdSense is launching a new category filtering tool that gives publishers more control over which ads appear on their site.

In a post on the Inside AdSense blog, product manager Atul Bhandari said Google has been working on a beta test of the new feature, which will allow publishers to block ads that fall into certain categories.

For example, they can choose not to show ads on dating or politics, which means that regardless of how individual ads are targeted, they will be filtered and will not appear on the site.

Publishers will also be able to see which categories are generating the most revenue, enabling them to select categories for filtering on this basis.

"We’ll continue to refine this feature and hope to be able to roll it out more widely in coming months," said Mr Bhandari.

Meanwhile, a new white paper by Google has concluded that the Google Content Network is the number one network for internet marketing, reaching more than 80 per cent of global web users.

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