Google has unveiled a new broad match modifier feature that it claims will allow marketers to create keywords with greater reach than phrase match and more control than broad match.

Dan Freidman wrote on the official blog of the search engine’s pay per click marketing service AdWords that the new application should help campaigns to get more clicks and conversions, with an "attractive" return on investment – particularly if those campaigns mainly use exact and phrase match keywords at present.

To implement the modifier, marketers need to add a plus symbol in front of a broad match word or phrase.

"Each word preceded by a + has to appear in your potential customer’s search exactly or as a close variant," Mr Freidman said.

Close variants could include singular and plural forms, abbreviations, acronyms, misspellings and "stemmings" such as floor and flooring.

Synonyms and related searches do not fall under definition of close variants.

Mr Freidman noted that in the modifier’s initial tests, marketers who mainly use exact and phrase match found that their traffic and conversions increased, while they had more control over keyword selection compared with broad match.

"We’ll be listening closely to feedback to help determine future product direction," he added.

In related news, Google recently added new AdWords reports to its Analytics service to improve the tracking of ad performance.

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