Google has made changes to the way certain websites appear on its search engine results pages (SERPs), with some queries now offering more than two results for some domains.

According to the company's Webmaster Central blog, while it began offering extra choices for some sites several months ago, it has now expanded this out to a wider variety of searches where it feels a user has a specific intent in mind.

SERPs may now return up to four options for one domain if the algorithms determine a particular site is likely to be especially relevant, along with "single-line snippets" in order to keep the display compact.

Commenting on the changes for Search Engine Land, Vanessa Fox noted online marketing service providers and site owners may find "new opportunities to showcase the content [they] have to offer" if their site is one of those to benefit from the expanded results.

The changes are part of Google's wider attempts to assist individuals in finding the information they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible and the firm's advice to marketers is to "create compelling, search-engine friendly sites in order to attract users, buzz and often targeted traffic".

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