A new search engine for online PR companies to consider has entered the market with the launch of Blekko.

The new website aims to use slashtags to make it easier to perform 'vertical' searches that allow the user to specify a certain area of interest in which to search, as opposed to Google's more general 'horizontal' approach, said Danny Sullivan, writing for Search Engine Land.

Using the tags should also mean a reduction in the amount of spam and content-farmed material that appears on the results page, he noted.

CNET, another publication that has been testing the platform, pointed out the tagging system could also be used to intentionally give results a bias such as "conservative" or "liberal".

It also quoted Rich Skrenta, the company's chief executive officer, as saying: "We'd like to be the number three search engine".

That would put Blekko behind Google and Yahoo!, which between them accounted for 82.1 per cent of total core search queries in the US in September, according to figures released by web monitoring agency comScore.

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