Choosing high-quality keywords that naturally fit into the text of a website is a more effective marketing strategy than singular optimisation on specified search terms, an online marketing blog has asserted.

According to the SEOmozBlog, keyword targeting should be done by emphasising high-quality site content and accessibility.

It suggested that this approach, when used correctly will "naturally" target popular search terms.

"Concentrate efforts on great content, and use keyword-based optimisation only as a secondary method to confirm the titles/headlines of the works you create," the blog said.

It also suggested that pay-per-click (PPC) keywords are among the best way for e-commerce retailers to test their potential return on investment, adding that in this case, words that are brand and product inclusive are often the most likely to encourage visitors to make a purchase.

Recently, Ron Callari of predicted that social media will be an area of interest for internet marketers on a budget, as they can reach a large consumer base with limited funds.

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