More and more companies are utilising blogs as a simple outlet to display their content to consumers.

Due to successful SEO strategies, many blogs are attracting traffic via search engines; however according to an article published on Search Engine Watch, more needs to be done to ensure that visitors come back for more.

Kevin Gibbons, writing for SEW, has produced a number of additional strategies that can be employed to ensure visitors engage with other content published on blogs.

Here is just a selection of those aforementioned strategies:

  • Add links to Related Posts – A very simple tactic that can work to your advantage. If you’ve created content which is entertaining or useful, readers may be interested in reading similar material, so linking to related posts beneath the original article is something users will be grateful for – and will increase the time spent on your blog or site.
  • Create a page displaying all additional content – Blogs don’t always make the most of previously published posts. A sidebar can go a great distance in highlighting older posts, or posts grouped in specific categories – meaning the most can be made of your previous work.
  • Write a series of articles With this strategy it’s important to know when enough is enough – while a great way of encouraging regular visits, it shouldn’t be overdone. When covering complex subjects in-depth, spreading the content out over a series of articles will have added value when people search for your content in search engines.

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