Apparently, we are in a global recession. Therefore, you would assume that businesses would be looking to save money wherever they can. Not making cuts per se but looking to improve and be more efficient with the money they have. That is not, however, what seems to be happening.

One of the places where money leaks, and quite considerably if not monitored effectively, is with Pay Per Click campaigns.

If you have under-performing keywords, then CUT YOUR BUDGET on those keywords. Save some money until they either look up for you, you have changed your site so your landing pages and visible text work, or just look elsewhere for effective keyword terms.

If you are paying over the odds for a highly competitive keyword, ask yourself if it is really worth just to be swimming in the same pool as the ‘big boys’.

If you are one of the top brands in that pool, then ask yourself whether it might be worth using the same budget to target long tail keywords. Especially bearing in mind that search terms are now frequently 5+ terms. Why target the term ‘pizza’ if you are the biggest pizza base supplier in the UK? Try targetting ‘pizza base supplier’ + geotargetting terms instead and be heard above the noise of every pizza restaurant and chain to find your true target audience.

Try other search engine marketing strategies instead of PPC for a while. Think out of the box. Think guerrilla.

Don’t waste your money on strategies that don’t work for you. Whether there is an economic crisis or not!

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