Here’s an easy one for you to do.

Open your Analytics package, whether that is Google, getclicky or another, and look at what keywords and phrases people search on to come to your site.

What you are looking for is not the single keywords but the modifiers you might not have noticed previously. This can be anything like geolocators such as the name of the town or county you are based in eg ‘plumber London’ rather than just plumber, colours eg ‘red hat’ rather than just ‘hat’,  ‘cheap TV’ rather than just TV, and so on.

Now look at the pages where these are driving traffic to. There are always ways to increase your rankings on the search engines by moving these modifiers into more obvious places where the search engines can take more notice of them.

Page titles, H1 headings, alt img tags, in your copy and so on.

A few minor tweaks with these modifiers can lead the search engines more readily to your pages.


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