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Customer Relationship Management

It may not be immediately apparent why CRM (customer relationship management) is important to your internet marketing strategy. But it is. If your customers decide to link to you on their websites, blog about your products, post to forums with a link to your site, review your products and services, or any one of a…

Seth Godin points out what people really want from marketing

Seth Godin has written an article about the changes in marketing over the last couple of decades. Interestingly, as he was a large, corporate advertiser in his past life, he talks about the impact of the internet, and in particular, the growth of social media on advertising thinking to bring it round full circle to…

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Email newsletters

We have talked about the importance of sending an email newsletter and building a mailing list of your customers previously. Here are some more reasons to send a regular email newsletter out to your existing customers, and interested parties. The idea of the newsletter is to: a) inform customers and potential customers as concisely as…

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Dynamic URLs and SERPS

There has been considerable confusion recently about Google’s ability to index dynamic URLs, mainly due to Google’s blog post about static vs dynamic URLs For search engine optimisers as well as website owners, there seems to have been difficulties understanding exactly what Google is saying, and therefore what changes need to be made. In an…

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Email Newsletters & Netiquette

Many companies send out regular print communications to their customers – brochures, new price lists, special offers, even a Christmas card. However, these print communications can prove expensive and not always effective. An alternative is to send out an email newsletter with links to your website to drive traffic to special offers, new and updated…

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Choosing Gen Y marketing tools

Gen Y, or Generation Y, tools are those which have been developed during the Web 2.0 frenzy. These are tools and applications which for many are the only ways to communicate, with email and the phone becoming so last year. You need to be au fait with the opportunities these Gen Y tools present for…

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Advertising on Facebook

Facebook and other social networking sites are without doubt a growing phenomenon, and finally businesses seem to be embracing its potential. There are many ways to advertise on Facebook but we are going to focus on the free methods available for businesses in this article. Firstly, it is important to understand that there are different…

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