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Bin the Forced Opt-In

Whilst it has been a popular method of gaining a return for free content e.g. harvesting email addresses and contact details for use in further marketing activities, forced opt-ins are going to become a major no-no in 2011. Google seems to have decided that it hates forced opt-ins on your front page, and if you…

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Integrate your Marketing

Every company, unless a one man band, will invariably have more than one person focused on marketing, advertising, communications and PR. As we see an explosion of tools for marketing in all its iterations, on and offline, and the lines between each blur, so it is becoming ever more important to ensure that all those…

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The Importance of Updates

Last year, we saw real time updates added to Google and other search engines as the truth about Twitter not being a fad struck home. Not just Twitter, but the real time web really took off in 2010, reaching beyond the geeks and technobabblers to Joe Public. The search pages now include shopping, videos, real…

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EU cookie law could cause chaos

On May 25th, a new EU policy directive is due to be introduced which could chaos for websites, advertisers and consumers. In trying to prevent behaviour tracking (and possible privacy invasion) through cookies, headers and the like, the EU is insisting that ‘explicit consent’ must be gained for any tracking of personal info. What this…

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Foursquare version 3.0 launches with recommendations

Foursquare continues to gain popularity, despite the launch of Facebook Places, and today launches a new version with a host of new features, both for businesses and users. Probably the most notable addition is the Recommendation engine, which replaces the Tips tab. This can show places that are popular right now, or that have been…

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Augmented Reality

If you haven’t heard of augmented reality yet, it’s likely that you soon will. However, unless you have been off planet for the last few years, you will already have seen it at work, most likely on TV eg sports such as cricket have shown for years whether the umpire was right or wrong in…

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The CAP Code and Digital Marketing – How the new regulation will affect marketers

In recognition of the newly expanded remit of the Advertising Standards Authority, ClickThrough have produced a one-pager summarising what the changes are, and what they will mean to digital marketers. We hope you find it useful. ClickThrough View – Advertising Standards Authority – The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) Code and …

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Are Search Engines B0rked?

As we entered 2011, there was a growing unrest about the amount of spam within the top, major, search engine results (Google SERPs are purely one example). To the point where there an increasing number of news stories began, to the point where Matt Cutts blogged about webspam The main stories were about: a) The…

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