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SEO Myth #2 – Page Rank matters

Image by dannysullivan via Flickr Ah, this old chestnut! PageRank used to be one of the sacred mantras you would hear SEOs chanting. Your PR was of huge import and anyone with a PR of 5 or above felt they had the right to look down upon you. Some people lost sleep whenever their PR…

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Google News limits

From today,  readers of Google news items will find their access limited to 5 items per day from certain sources – the majority of which are those who have been vociferous about search engines carrying their news for free. Announcements by the likes of Rupert Murdoch that Google is profiting from their work, and giving…

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Google Toolbar and Chrome

Is it just here that it seems a bit odd that the Google Toolbar is not available with Google’s own browser, Chrome?! What do others think? How often do you use Chrome vs Firefox or Internet Explorer?Do you use the Google Toolbar?

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Bing teams up with Wolfram Alpha

You can’t beat competition to inspire innovation and keep everyone on their toes. It looks like Microsoft are being quite determined in their attempt to capture some of Google’s market share in the search market. Wolfram Alpha had a marginally rocky start last June when, after a blaze of pre-launch publicity, the servers crashed big…

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User Behaviour affects Google news ranking

A recent interview with Josh Cohen, who is Senior Product Manager of Google News, shows how user behaviour can affect ranking in Google News. This approach is also used by TrustRank, as part of its complex formulae, and it is inevitable that more and more user behaviour traits are likely to be included in ranking…

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Google Wave

Finally got the preview invite so will be posting here as more is discovered by playing with it, but if you are already using it, comment here and let’s talk Internet marketing and SEO and blogging and social networking, advertising, you name it and experiment with waves and pings etc! It looks like fun when…

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