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SEO, censorship, and the ex-president’s wife

Since Google Instant launched in 2010, it’s been welcomed by many users as a valuable addition to their search arsenal. The feature – which provides ‘recommended’ search terms as the user types – has also given rise to a potentially productivity-sapping office game. Try typing ‘has [insert celebrity name]’ to waste a slightly funny few…

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Keeping up-to-date with the latest changes in marketing with Google

Did you notice the dramatic plunge in Google’s share price around the time of the announcement of their latest financial results? While most discussed the poor timing and leaked internal memo which precipitated the decline, for me it’s a reminder of the value in taking a deeper look at Google’s financial results to understand changes…

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ClickThrough View: Updates to Google’s AdWords Policy – How The Changes Will Affect Marketers

You may well have seen this morning’s blog post about the latest Google AdWords changes. We’ve created a handy ready-to-print white paper that summarises the implications of the update, discusses how Google will be enforcing the changes and outlines a four-step approach for UK marketers to adopt. The white paper has been designed to be…

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Google AdWords Update: New policy enforces old PPC rules

Google has updated its AdWords policy today (Monday, October 15), to encourage more quality PPC advertising. The change will see Google focus on AdWords campaigns which don’t meet guidelines on relevancy, clarity or quality – with penalties for ads which don’t comply. Here, ClickThrough Marketing’s content manager Ali Harris explains the AdWords policy, marries PPC…

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Happy Birthday Google! We’ve got you a real cake!

It’s a tough life being the world’s biggest search engine. Even on your birthday, you have to make your own cake. In Google’s case, the celebratory confectionary for its precocious 14th birthday isn’t even tasty: it’s an animated doodle on the search giant’s homepage. We like Google. So we decided to get them a cake,…

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Google patent filing draws attention to SEO techniques

Search engine Google is the origin for much of the traffic generated by the web’s most popular sites. That’s why SEO exists as an industry. Companies that want to become more visible online must optimise their pages so they rank highly in relevant searches carried out by potential customers using the industry-leading engine. So it’s…

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