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Have you tried vouchers on your site?

Although vouchers and coupons seem to have a rather lowly image in this country, they can bring in additional trade, and help create “word of mouse” promotion for your company. Kelkoo have just announced that they are adding voucher codes from MyVouchers, allowing shoppers access to 250-300 new codes each day to get discounts from…

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Clear out your inbox

You may not realise it but safely guarding all your emails that include your passwords is a very bad idea. Imagine that your computer is stolen. The thief accessed your email inbox simply by clicking on Outlook, or going to Gmail, hotmail etc. Because, of course, for easy access and because you don’t think of…

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5 easy ways to keep in touch with customers

Customer acquisition carries a far higher cost than customer retention, so it is vital that you look after your customers once you have found them. However, it is surprising how many businesses, particularly small business where the resources are often limited, fail to keep in touch with their customers. There are multiple ways to do…

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10 ways not to write a blog comment

I’ve just been reading through the comments submitted to this blog, which are currently under moderation rather than open.I don’t think I am particularly heavy handed with the delete button, but the majority of the comments submitted break all netiquette whilst achieving nothing for your Web PR…. Commenting on blogs is an excellent way to…

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Friday Phonetic Fun

Do you get exasperated with callers who insist on making you spell every word in your address, even really obvious ones? So do we. This has just happened in the office. We were listening to a colleague in precisely that situation being  asked to spell her  address “Garden Lane”. None of this alpha, beta, charlie…

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A/B and Multi-variant testing for websites

Multi-variant testing (or multi-variate, multi-variable testing) is often used to discover how consumers, site visitors and so on react to different layouts, colours, and so on. A/B testing is testing two options against each other. In the real world example, we know that supermarkets use different layouts and place products in certain positions to encourage…

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