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Google to Let Developers Build Conversation Actions

With the growing prominence of personal assistants and voice search, Google has catered to businesses by giving developers the ability to create their very own Google Assistant conversation actions. Actions on Google was first previewed in October 2016. Two months later on 8 December, Google announced that the feature was available to all developers, allowing…

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Google Starts Experimenting With Mobile-First Indexing

Google has started experimenting with the mobile-first search index that they announced in October. On 13 October, Google’s John Mueller announced at Pubcon that Google will be shifting its search index’s priority to mobile. On Friday 4 November, a post on the Google Webmasters blog announced that Google had started experimenting with the mobile index…

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Google Will Divide Its Search Index

Google has announced that it will be dividing its search index into two: mobile and desktop. Google currently has one index that is used to hold the documents of both desktop and mobile search. Plans to see these indexes split into two are now in motion, with the aim to allow mobile search to have…

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AdWords Editor Gets Update

There has been an update to Google AdWords Editor that supports expanded text ads. Expanded text ads (ETAs) were rolled out globally on 26 July, and a day later, Google released an AdWords editor update to support them. To find the new feature, access the Ads section on the left navigation list, and you will…

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Google Launches A4A For AMP Ads

Google has rolled out a way to significantly speed up the appearance of Accelerated Mobile Page ads. A4A is now live, and is designed to allow AMP ads to load much faster than usual. Slow page loading times tend to have a negative effect on user experience as well as rankings – with many studies…

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Google Tests new Sitelink Format

Google is always testing new formats, layouts and features within the search results. The latest test is a new format for Sitelinks – in a carousel card form. Google’s newest test offers a new format for Google Sitelinks for certain results. Sitelinks are used to link to useful, related pages and are normally featured as…

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Google’s Phantom Returns

Are we witnessing the return of Google’s Phantom algorithm update? Some changes to domain rankings suggest so. Holly Miller of Searchmetrics stated that their team have been “seeing changes in a number of domains that were previously rewarded by Phantom.” And as Google has announced no official updates – and the changes are similar to…

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Google Runs New SERP Test

Google is testing a new change to its search engine results pages (SERPs), with paid ads’ star ratings being replaced with a positive rating percentage. Google has featured star ratings next to the paid ads in search results since June 2010. Now, Google is running a test that takes those star ratings away, and replaces…

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Google Releases Simplified Mobile Tool

Google has released a new tool designed to allow site owners to check the mobile friendliness and page speed of their websites. The new tool merges two existing tools to create a simplified version that makes checking the performance of your mobile site quicker and easier. The new tool offers scores out of 100 for…

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