Businesses have been told that marketing their products through search engines will always be an effective tool for boosting exposure.

Writing for Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan said the release of Google Instant inevitably brought up questions of whether search engine optimisation (SEO) is becoming a defunct service.

However, he said: "No, Google Instant isn't killing SEO. In fact, nothing's going to kill SEO."

Unveiled earlier this week, Google's new feature provides a real-time list of results as users type, predicting the most likely sentence constructions, while also providing alternative search strings.

Mr Sullivan noted that while this may quicken people's search sessions, the outcomes will still be influenced by SEO "just as they always have".

According to the expert, this type of activity is about "building good content" and "understanding the ways people might seek it", as well as taking into consideration the keywords that may facilitate this process.

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